UPDATE: Home school student disqualified from fishing contest gets prize

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KATV) - The 12-year-old boy who was denied the top award during a public school fishing contest because he is home schooled will get a bike after all, thanks to a generous local business.

Garett Stephens was volunteering at the fishing derby and a school employee allowed him to fish.

"It was pretty exciting," Garett said in a Tuesday interview with KATV.

Organizers said he didn't qualify for the top prize even though he caught the biggest fish because he was a home schooler. Since our story first aired, local business Chaos Theory donated a bike to Garett like the grand prize he would have won had he qualified.

When KATV's Katherina Yancy traveled to Mountain View to look into this story, the principal told her that if Garett was a Mountain View Middle School student, he still would have been disqualified because he caught the fish while the other students were going though orientation.

Garett said he hopes rules change when the Tim Tebow law goes into effect, allowing home school kids to participate in public school activities.

"I hope we'll be able to participate then," said Garett, "all the home schoolers."