UPDATE: Mindy McCready out of treatment facility

HEBER SPRINGS (KATV) - Troubled country singer Mindy McCready left rehab Friday after being committed Wednesday and having her children removed from her home.

Channel 7 News has exclusive video of McCready as she returned to a house in Heber Springs. When our crews approached her for comment, the 37-year-old said she's not allowed to talk about her situation and shut the door.

McCready's father later came out and spoke briefly with our crew.

McCREADY: "Judge said that if we say anything, we're in trouble. If we say something, we get sanctioned by the judge. We can't say anything."
REPORTER: "So that includes you?"
McCREADY: "Yes, everybody in this case until this is done. If we say anything, we're in trouble. We'd love to tell you everything we could, but we're not allowed. We're not allowed to say anything.

No other information was available regarding Mindy McCready's commitment case in Cleburne County because the case documents were sealed.

A hearing was held Friday at 9:30 a.m. regarding this case with the Department of Human Services to determine whether or not there was probable cause to take her children. Because children are involved, the courts have not released any information on what happened in that hearing.

Her commitment Wednesday was the latest in a long string of incidents the country singer has gone through over the past few years. With the death of her boyfriend just a few weeks ago and a bitter custody battle over one of her children, her troubles are far from over.

"This is a nightmare that won't stop," said Billy McKnight Wednesday, ex-husband of the country singer.

McKnight, father of McCready's 6-year-old son, said these last few years have been miserable without his son.

"For the life of me, I cannot figure out why he's not home with me in a stable environment," said McKnight.

McCready fled with her son, Zander, to Arkansas late last year without McKnight's permission. According to her former lawyer, Eric Hughes, her two boys were taken by the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

"The constant drinking and pill popping got the best of her," said McKnight.

And McCready admitted this in an emergency hearing Wednesday. She confessed to abusing drugs and alcohol due to her boyfriend's sudden death last month. She is currently undergoing a mental health evaluation.

"Mindy's life is not in control she has some demons she has to conquer and she hasn't done that yet," said McKnight.

But McKnight also had some demons of his own. He was charged with attempted murder back in 2005 for allegedly assaulting McCready. His lawyer says he's changed.

"Billy's proven that he's dedicated to making a positive change in his life to regain custody of his son and he's had several years of track record of doing just that," said Zac White, McKnight's attorney.

McKnight says regardless of what happens with McCready, he will continue fighting for sole custody of their son.

"He doesn't belong there he's not happy and this is unfair," said McKnight.

McCready's publicist released a statement saying that she is taking much needed and deserved time to grieve.