UPDATE: Name released for body found on UALR campus

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LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A UALR student walking over a pedestrian bridge to a summer class at about 10:40 Friday morning discovered a body. The body was in the creek that flows through the center of campus.

The man has been identified as 18 year old Kasey Aaron Hudson of Searcy.

The body was found in Coleman Creek, it is part of the regional drainage system. It starts near the intersection of University Avenue and Cantrell and empties into the Fourche Creek Wetlands south of UALR.

Students getting out of class in the Fine Arts building walked outside to this police tape and officers escorting everyone away from the scene. The body was under the bridge that students take as a short cut across campus.

Junior, Brandon Hornbeck says, "Not something I wanted to come out of class and find out."

Hornbeck was out of the loop because he had his phone off during class and missed the emergency alert text UALR sent out at 11:15 about the incident, but appreciates the school sent out information. "I like that they keep us informed with what goes on so we kind of know what to look out for."

Sgt. Cassandra Davis says the body is that of a young white man. He was partially clothed. "We have examined the body as much as we can right now and we don't see any obvious signs of trauma or any foul play. The coroner will roll the body over and inspect the front of the body. If there is no obvious sign of injury like a shooting or stabbing or anything of that nature, we'll have to wait on the medical examiner to give us a cause of death."

Sgt. Davis says an accident, like falling in the creek during the fast moving flashing flood waters Thursday night also hasn't been ruled out. That would explain the missing clothes.

Hornbeck adds, "It stinks that something like this happens, but hopefully there is nothing else involved and it is just an accident."

Even though the body was on the UALR campus, the Little Rock Police Department is handling the investigation.

According to UALR's records, Kasey Hudson was not a student.

Stay with and Channel Seven news for developments in this story.

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UALR released a news alert that said, in part:

"Severe weather that moved through the state overnight caused serious flooding in parts of central Arkansas.

"Coleman Creek, which runs through the UALR campus, has flooded numerous times in the past."