Update on Zack Towers

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - She asked him to squeeze her hand twice, and he did it on command.

"Before he's had some movement, but it's been hard to tell if it was purposeful or not," boasted Christy Rasico of her son Zack Towers' recovery.

"It's slow progress, but he's making progress," said Christy. "We believe. We know God can move mountains. We just think with Zack it's going to be one stone at a time," added Zack's stepfather Roger Rasico.

A stone at a time, maybe, but this isn't the first mountain this family has seen move. When Zack was only four-months-old, doctors inserted a shunt to drain fluid on his brain.

"The doctors had given us no hope then, that there wasn't anything they could do and he was healed at that time." It was18 years later to the week that Zack was carted from the football field. "His dad and I have even talked about that as the Lord preparing us at that time to know what He could do, so that it, obviously, would give us more faith now, because we know what the Lord can do," said Rasico.

The tragedy has brought a community together. Zack's big brother Ty who often overshadowed his younger sibling now wears Zack's name proudly on his jersey. Being known as Zack's brother is a first for him, but it's also a joy.

"It puts things in perspective, and you know he's said, 'When you love somebody, you need to tell them, and he's a changed man too, as well as all of us," said Rasico.