UPDATE: Police arrest EZ Mart robbery suspect

UPDATE: LRPD arrested a man they believe is responsible for the attempted robbery that occurred at the EZ Mart near Green Mountain Dr.

21-year-old Larry Ishmon was arrested around 10 p.m. Tuesday night after police received a tip about the suspect of the robbery.

He has been charged with first degree battery and aggravated robbery.

(KATV) Little Rock - A convenience store clerk is in the hospital, suffering from gun shots to the face and back. He is the victim of an attempted robbery and police need your help identifying the suspect. The shooter walked into the EZ Mart off Green Mountain Drive around 1 a.m.

Little Rock police say the suspect is armed and dangerous and that he shot the store employee for no apparent reason. Fortunately there was a bar & grill next door the victim could run to for help and safety from the gun man.

"He's a good guy, he takes care of us and we take care of him," Josh Smith says.

Grumpy's Too is neighbors to the EZ Mart on Green Mountain Drive. Employees at both locations are friends and watch out for one another. Josh Smith with Grumpy's says before 1 a.m. Tuesday he noticed someone outside the bar that looked suspicious.

Smith adds, "He looked like he was trouble from the get go."

Smith went with his gut instinct and locked the doors less than half an hour later, his friend Corey Brown ran over, bleeding, shot in the face and back. He recalls, "I felt horrible for him. We just tried to take care of him and comfort him until the police and ambulance showed up and they arrived within five to seven minutes."

Police say the suspect walked in the EZ Mart, asked for a job application, looked through it and then shot Corey Brown in the face. When Brown ran toward the door, the gunman shot Brown in the back. The suspect couldn't get the register open and was seen running across the street to Pleasant Pointe apartments. Sgt. Cassandra Davis with the Little Rock police department says, "However we're not sure if he lives in the apartment complex or may have had a vehicle waiting there or not."

Smith says he got a good look at the man he saw acting suspicious before the shooting. He described him to Corey while they were waiting for the ambulance after he was shot and Corey said that's the guy who shot him.

Smith concludes, "Corey was about to lock up and start stocking. The guy was probably sitting here waiting for the right moment to try and do something to get a few dollars. It's horrible."

Sergeant Cassandra Davis says Corey Brown's injuries are not life threatening.

The suspect is believed to be in his early 20s, 5 feet 5 inches, and 115-125 lbs. He should be considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with information please call Little Rock Police at 501-371-4660 or 501-371-4636