Update: U.S. Forest Service warns smoke inhalation possible from wildfire

      HOT SPRINGS (KATV) - U.S. Forest Service officials are warning Jessieville and Hot Springs Village residents to exercise caution as they fight a 200-acre fire near Lake Ouachita State Park.

      The fire has spread from the 50-acres officials reported on Saturday.

      Residents sensitive to smoke are advised to remain indoors and keep windows closed to minimize exposure.{}

      Officials said the fire began around noon on Friday off road 30200 on the Little Blakely Trail System.{} All trails within the system are closed until further notice.

      Firefighters were managing the blaze with less than full suppression, but officials said changes in wind patterns have necessitated a large burnout operation.

      "The change in wind patterns over the next few days would cause smoke from the fire to blanket a much larger area if we waited," said Megan Moynihan, Jessieville-Winona-Fourche District Ranger.

      The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.