Vandalized highway billboard taken down after complaints

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A highway billboard sign had drivers calling the advertisers for all the wrong reasons.

"It was interesting we liked the art work," said J.R. Richards,{}manager at{}Sissy's Log Cabin in Little Rock.{}"They did a very, very good job. We just wish they hadn't done it on our sign."

It's the kind of art most business like Sissy's Log Cabin would rather admire from a distance. The jewelry store's billboard was vandalized late last week.

"There's a lot of cars that go by there and maybe they'll notice our signs more than they would have because of the added features that are on there," said Richards.

But don't bother driving down I-630 to try to get a look at it. After the jeweler, the designer of the sign and the ad agency received calls from driver saying it was an eye sore they quickly took it down.

"We don't like it to happen but it wasn't that big of an inconvenience for us," added Richards.

But it was for the ad agency. Albright Ideas says it'll be at least $800 to take down the vinyl and put up another sign. And although, in this case, the client didn't have to front the cost, the jewelry store does lose viewing time.

"It's one of those things, it's going to happen," said Richards.{}"We'll just change it out and keep doing what Sissy's doing."

Not all businesses are this fortunate. Private property owners have to cover the cost of removing the graffiti. Channel 7{}did reach out to Little Rock Police they say they haven't noticed any increase in vandalism recently.