Vehicle overturned in two-car collision, woman hospitalized

A traffic accident on Interstate 30 sent a woman to the hospital Wednesday night.

A witness told KATV, the victim was driving traveling west when she was cut off by another vehicle. Her car hit a concrete wall and flipped over.

It happened near the Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn. Donita Clay witnessed the accident.

"After she was hit, everyone stayed back until the car flipped over. Then everyone tried to get a hold of her to get her out." Clay recalled. "She was responsive and coherent. But she was really upset because she's unemployed. She'd just left her son's house and now her car is destroyed."

Clay, a cab driver, asks drivers to watch the speed limit and watch for traffic. She also says people should try to help if it is possible. "You never know who it could be next. It could be your own mama, your own sister or brother."

There is not information yet on the woman's condition.

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