Riverfest a highly anticipated event for vendors

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - It goes without saying that this is the event of the year for many planning to attend. But the same goes for venders who come from near and far to make a huge profit from the fun and festivities.

"Today we're just mainly setting up getting everything prepared for tomorrow morning because it'll probably start out real heavy and big," said Keith Whitmore, a vendor.

And "big" may be an understatement. With perfect weather this weekend, a record breaking 250,000 people are expected to attend Riverfest. And those impressive numbers are drawing vendors from all over Arkansas and even out-of-state.

"We checked it out on the Internet and said take a shot, we're willing to see how it goes," said Herb Tilton, also a vendor.

But it takes more than just showing up and setting up shop. Vendors have been preparing for days.

"You have to start like a week ahead of time," said Whitmore. "You have to get a count on everything you need from your breads to your meats to your condiments."

Organizers say by the end of Thursday they'll be ready to go with several new things for those loyal attendees.

"All of our bands are new, several of our food vendors are new," said Jody Veit-Edrington, Chairperson of Riverfest 2013. "We've expanded our children's area, added some more to our family free zone. So lots of new things that are going on."