Veteran of three wars, 91-year-old humbled by Veteran's Day

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- It was 94 years ago on Monday when World War I finally came to an end. Since then, November 11 has been a day recognized as Veteran's Day in America.

However, it wouldn't be the last major war our country would be involved with. World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam would follow as major wars, and at least one Arkansan fought in all three.

Bill Driver, 91, of North Little Rock has a long list of incredible stories to share from his time as a marine.

Driver was dressed in all blue Monday, wearing his Marines uniform and hat, with his rank pin neatly in place. His wife, Virginia, could've easily fixed her hair in his perfectly shined shoes, after all Driver spent 23 plus years in the Marines, working his way up to First Sergeant.

He served in three of our countries most deadly wars, and also responded to Pearl Harbor the day after that historical attack.

"Well, I spent 23 months overseas before I returned the first time. We came back on a carrier. I slept on a flight deck we had so many of us rotated," Driver recounted of his excitement to be back in the safety of his homeland.

Driver is home for good on this Veteran's Day in North Little Rock. During his time in the Marines he was part of the infamous "Black Sheep Squadron," of World War II.

The group's heroics led to the basis of a 1970s television show, but Driver is clearly a humble veteran, still considering the ones who have passed the true heroes.

"Well yea I'm honored to be alive. I feel lucky and in some respects, guilty that I'm still here and all of my other heroes didn't make it, they're over," Driver added