All veterans relocated from run-down VA home

An example of damaged plumbing at the Arkansas Veteran's Home from KATV's visit in August.

All of the residents at the run-down veteran's home in Little Rock are now staying at new places.

In August, Arkansas Veterans Affairs decided not to repair the Arkansas Veterans Home on Charles Bussey Road after estimates showed it would cost around $10 million to repair maintenance issues including 60-year-old plumbing that barely works, a heating and air system that is in poor shape and a leaky roof.

When KATV visited the veteran's home three months ago, white debris of toilet paper covered the floor of the boiler room, left over from the many times the sewage pipes backed up and overflowed. Asbestos, lead paint and other hazardous materials are also concerns.

The final resident relocated at the beginning of November, according to Kendall Thornton with Arkansas Veterans Affairs. The veterans are now living in several different locations that cannot be shared due to privacy reasons.

Veterans Affairs is preparing to sell the facility. At this time some staff is still employed at the Charles Bussey location to maintain security and to close out inventory.