Victims claim held at gun point by the same robber before

(KATV) Little Rock - A store owner in Southwest Little Rock has lived to tell his story after being shot at during an armed robbery Thursday at about 8 p.m. However, the suspect is the one with the gunshot wound. He has been arrested.

Santa Maria Mexican store is a family business. The owner and his adult children were shot at and have lived to tell their story.

The Mexican store has been at the 4300 block of Baseline for eight years. Miguel Martinez, his wife, 17 year old daughter and 20 year old son operate it. Thursday night, they were faced with their third robbery.

In Spanish Martinez says, "The only thing that I was worried about I didn't care if he died or not, I was worried about my kids getting hurt." (Friend, Keri Villegas translated.)

Martinez says the suspect walked in, waving a gun, screaming, 'Don't move, and give me the money in the register and safe.'

With the gun at Martinez's head, the suspect, now identified as 21 year old Alvin Aikens, got about $4,000. As Aikens was leaving, he reportedly noticed Martinez grab his 9 millimeter, and that's when they exchanged gun fire.

Martinez says, "9, 10, maybe 11 shots total."

"The gun was the same gun, I remember that." Miguel Torres, 20, is Martinez's son. He says it was dj vu. Torres is confident it was Aikens who got away with the armed robbery in 2011 and did the same thing, down to stuffing the money down his underwear. He recalls, "He came in here and asked my mom for the money and he was aiming the gun at me. He told her, if she did something he didn't want her to do, he'd shot me."

But on Thursday, because Martinez shot Aiken in the leg, he needed medical help and was arrested a short time later.

Martinez says Hispanics have become targets because they're known to have cash, but he also wants would be robbers to know they will do anything to protect their families.

The money has not been recovered. In the midst of everything, the suspect left his cell phone at the scene.

Alvin Aikens has been charged with aggravated robbery, attempted robbery and fleeing.

Even though the Martinez family says Aiken has robbed them before, he was never charged.

In 2012, Stop the Violence, the Mexican Consulate's office and the Little Rock Police Department joined forces. They're working together to solve crimes against Hispanics. Police say they're targeted by criminals because they theory that they carry cash.