Villa Italian Restaurant Closing after 60 years

(KATV) Little Rock - Despite efforts to keepthe Villa Italian Restaurant open, Thursday, October 4 will be its last day ofbusiness.

According to restaurantco-owner Ken Shivey, they are closing permanently. The Villa has been around 60years and it is one of the longest running restaurants in Little Rock.

Competition with the bigchain restaurants is being blamed for struggling business.

A Channel Seven viewer says, "I think thereason they have lost business is because people didn't know where they were.When they moved from their old location I thought they closed then. I actuallyjust found them a couple of weeks ago. So sad they are closing. They had greatfood!"

KATV Story on June 20:

Another local restaurantin the capitol city is in jeopardy of closing. The Villa Italian Restaurant has been a Little Rocktradition for more than 60 years, but business has been tough lately. Theowners say they need more support from the community.

Co-owner Ken Shivey says, "We'reasking people to get out and start supporting the independents. We still wantto be here. The price point is very good and the portions are ridiculous."

Shivey is hopingcustomers will come by and give them a chance to compete with the big chain restaurants that have moved in. Hesays many independent restaurantsare struggling in this town.

You may remember, Bruno's Little Italyjust closed its doors last year. Shivey says he wants The Villa to remain open and he's hopingmore people come eat with them.