Vilonia football player nearly loses leg after gruesome injury

VILONIA (KATV) -{}A Faulkner County football player nearly lost his leg after a serious injury on the field.

The Vilonia High School running back hit the ground during a game last Friday against Wynne and dislocated his left knee.{}Eighteen-year-old Houston Cotton{}was taken to a Memphis hospital where he's been since last week. His father says he'll likely never play football again. But he's lucky to have both of his legs.

"I was crushed, I was devastated. I really can't explain it. It's a horrible feeling," said Sonny Cotton, the Houston's father.

Cotton says his heart dropped in last Friday's game against Wynne and it wasn't because of a highlight play.

"When the pile cleared everyone knew that it wasn't just a routine play. That he was really injured severely," he said.

His son, Houston Cotton, was running with the ball when he was tackled by two players, the tackle wasn't illegal. But the running back's left knee was severely dislocated.

"You could tell by the position of his leg that it was bad," he said.

With three torn ligaments and no blood flow to Cotton's foot, it was crucial to get him to a hospital quickly. He was Medflighted to Regional Medical Center at Memphis. Where doctors performed a seven-hour surgery. He now has rods holding his knee in place.

"If time would've been wasted there was a real possibility that he could've lost his leg," said Sonny Cotton.

But although he has both of his legs, he will likely have to give up football as a sport.

"We don't care about that, that's not a concern," said Sonny Cotton.

Sonny Cotton says, almost losing the ability to walk gives anyone a new perspective on things.

"He's okay with that. when doctors tell you you may lose your leg, football is just a game," he said.

Doctors say Houston will have to stay in the hospital until he can at least use crutches. So the family is looking at staying{}in Memphis{}for at least another week.

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