Vilonia gets a labor of love

The phrase "many hands make light work" proved to be true in Vilonia this weekend. Vilonia usually has a population of around 4,000 people.{} On Saturday, that amount doubled. AAMSCO Identification Systems came to Vilonia to help register volunteers. They estimate that 4,100 people were in Faulkner county helping clean up the debris left by mother nature last Sunday. The neighborhood off Naylor road in Vilonia was closed off earlier this week to restore power to the area. According to Entergy, all servable houses now have power. Volunteers were allowed in that neighborhood on Saturday to clean up what looked like a lumber yard. Before last week that area was home to 48 houses, today only eight remain standing. Help came from around the country; over 20 potato farmers came from Missouri all wearing the same neon green shirts. One couple drove several days from Minnesota to come to Central Arkansas and help cut down trees. "We have tornados in Minnesota too, we know what this is like!" said Patti Schmiesing. "People can come from other states to help other people, it's very gratifying." Even with that many hands in the small town of Vilonia, the city plans to hold several more weekends until they get things back to normal. To receive clean-up assistance call 469-301-1865. To volunteer you can register at the following sites: {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Home Depot, Conway. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Beryl Baptist Church, Vilonia {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} 57 Interstate Drive, Mayflower {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} First Baptist Church, Vilonia