Vilonia gets new concepts for downtown area

Property owners and city officials were presented with possible downtown building concepts in Vilonia Monday night.The Rebuild Vilonia 2014 committee met with property owners and city officials on Aug 12th to{}come{}up with blue prints for the possible building. Much of the decisions lay in the hands of property owners and the city.Rebuild Vilonia 2014 chair Marty Knight{} said this is just the planning stages.{}"We wanted to present some ideas to them that were feasible and let them know what is possible,"Knight said. "This gives us an opportunity to build something that really was never there to begin with and while we do that we want to honor the heritage that we have there. "Organizers met with a group from Joplin about the rebuilding efforts in Vilonia.

"The folks from Joplin were really complimentary for the fact that we were able to build a lot of focus without a lot of division. They experienced a lot of that and experienced a lot of challenges with that," Knight said.Mayor James Firestone said meeting with the organizers from Joplin put the rebuilding timeline in perspective."They are still in the building process. It gives us a little insight into its a long term recovery. It's not anything that is going to happen over night," Knight said.

Knight said the Rebuild Vilonia Committee plans to meet with residents within the next couple of weeks.