Vilonia man who lost home in tornado denied FEMA assistance

Harold Fowler is rebuilding his life without any government help. Because Fowler has insurance, he was told he won't be getting any help from FEMA. Three years ago when he lost his home in a tornado, he did. In 2011, Harold Fowler lost almost everything inside his trailer. He registered for FEMA assistance, and was given $15,000. When he got back on his feet after the 2011 tornado, he got insurance. Today he's waiting on that insurance company to assess his damage. KATV went to where his trailer once was in Vilonia to hear his story. Fowler said that he was getting dressed to leave his house on April 27{}when the tornado picked up his trailer and threw him almost a hundred yards. Fowler suffered cracked ribs that tore his liver, and he needed 20 stitches on his ear. "I just thank the Lord my boys weren't in the trailer that time," Fowler said. While Fowler was showing KATV the land that was once his house, he continued to take phone calls from his insurance company. Peter Lembessas of FEMA said those with or without insurance should still register with FEMA because even if they are denied, the small business association can help victims of the storm. FEMA says that of the 1,150 storm victims who've registered, they have already approved over $1.6 million in aid. If you haven't registered for FEMA you can call 1-800-621-3362.