Vilonia prepares for new school year during tornado rebuild

Vilonia schools are getting ready to start a new school year. Preparing for the upcoming school year is different than other years.

With families still being displaced from the tornado, school officials were concerned about enrollment for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent of Vilonia schools, David Stephens, said enrollment was surprisingly on par with previous years.

Stephens said with some students and teachers still being displaced, plans to move forward have been running smoothly.

"I think vilonia has demonstrated an incredible sense of resiliency from crisis," Stephens said. "School is typically the safe place, the consistent place. We just want to make sure that as kids come we are sensitive to their needs."

Because of the extensive damage to the new intermediate school that was set to open this school year, staff and faculty for the school were placed in other schools in the district.

Andy Pennington is acting as the assistant principal at the primary school for the upcoming school year. Pennington will be the new intermediate school principal.

Pennington said giving the students aid to have a successful school year is a top priority this year.

"It's not the weeks usually following after a tornado. Its the months and the year after where we really start finding the true needs of the individual," Pennington said.

Vilonia schools begin on Aug, 18.