Vilonia reacts to President Obama's visit

VILONIA (KATV)--Despite political beliefs, residents gathered as President Obama flew into Vilonia to tour the tornado damage. "No matter what your political views are, I think this comes in to where it's about humanity and doing the right thing showing that you care, when you have the most influential man in the world, some would say the most powerful man in the world coming to Vilonia, Arkansas," said resident Jeffrey Tongate. "What I really hope it does is that he is able to kind of shine a light on the community, I think that we have really pulled together," said resident Secret Stacy."Little itty-bitty town, who would have ever thought the President would be here," said Vilonia native, Nicole Spiller.However, it wasn't just those who are old enough to vote that took to the streets to catch a glimpse, two 9-year-olds had their own powerful message for President Obama. "Please repair Vilonia because I know I keep saying this, it's like every time I pass by here, it just feels heartbreaking, just feels like I want to cry," said Pine Bluff resident, Madison Caldwell. "I want him to help us build it back and repair," said Pine Bluff resident, Emarie Mahogamy.