Vilonia Teen volunteer gets thanked by President Obama

Not many 16-year-old girls from small towns can say they've met a president, Vilonia 10th grader Casey Williams can.{} Williams has been at the heart of the relief efforts in her home town of Vilonia ever since the tornado hit. She's been working at the registration tent helping organize the relief efforts. When major officials had questions, they came to Casey. The Vilonia sophomore is part of seven different clubs, two sports, holds a class office, and still manages all A's.{}Williams{}was finishing up her biology exam when she got a call from the Governor's office asking her to be in the same room as President Obama when he came to Vilonia on Wednesday. At today's press conference, the President spoke about{}Williams'{}volunteer efforts. "One volunteer, 16-year-old Casey Williams did such a good job coordinating relief efforts that Arkansas State Troopers started taking order from her. I had a chance to meet her, she is extra impressive so I don't know what she is going to be doing in the future, but I know it's going to be something great." After hearing those words from President Obama and taking a picture with him,{}Williams{}was on cloud nine talking about her day. "To just come out of a room, get a selfie with him, to shake his hand, it's surreal. I'm beyond honored. It's such a blessing to even be here." Three different disaster response teams offered{}Williams{}a job after the first week, but she had to turn them down once they found out she was only 16.{}
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