Vilonia's past time looks to rebuild fields

America's past time, is Vilonia's past time. For the second time in three years, Vilonia is rebuilding the five baseball fields that were completely destroyed in a matter of minutes on Sunday. This season, Vilonia's baseball program was scheduled to have 500 boys and girls on 36 different baseball and softball teams. Since the tornado ruined those plans, Vilonia will play their games at Greenbrier and Conway. Like many of the homes in Mayflower and Vilonia, the baseball fields will need to register with FEMA to get money so they can rebuild what they once had. Donations have already started coming in from across the country. And from one team to another, next Tuesday at 5:30, the travelers are hosting a game at Dickey Stevens Park for the Mayflower and Vilonia varsity teams. To donate and help rebuild the fields in Vilonia, click on the link below.