Vote to declare vacancy in office of Saline County Sheriff delayed

SALINE COUNTY (KATV) - A vote by Saline County's quorum court to declare vacancy in the office of sheriff is delayed.

Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington told KATV Friday afternoon that he had submitted another letter of retirement, effective October 1.

He said in a phone interview that he could have stayed with the sheriff's office, but that the quorum court's day-to-day business would no longer be effective and it wouldn't be fair to county employees.

Arkansas code requires the resolution to consider a vacancy must be published prior to the meeting, and that didn't happen.

"We had submitted that to the Benton Courier and our understanding is that it was supposed to run in the Courier this morning which would have been prior to our meeting this afternoon, but unfortunately it did not get published," said Saline County attorney Jonathan Greer.

The quorum court will meet Monday to vote on the resolution.

In the meantime, Sheriff Pennington could legally change his mind and withdraw his resignation.

The sheriff pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors connected after being arrested on alcohol-related charges June 29.

Benton officers were called to a restaurant on a report of an intoxicated person getting into the driver seat. Sheriff Pennington reportedly took a swing at the arresting officer and became belligerent.

Pennington's campaign finances have also been called into question recently after it was revealed that he had used his county-issued credit card to make personal purchases.