Voter ID bill hits a roadblock

A bill requiring Arkansans to show a picture ID before voting was challenged on the Arkansas House floor Tuesday.Representative Jim Nickels, D-district 41, said the Senate made a mistake sending the bill to the House without a two-thirds majority. Nickels says Senate Bill 2 adds requirements to voting procedures under amendment 51, essentially changing the amendment itself. He maintains it's an amendment disguised as a bill and needs a super-majority to become law.Some, including Dan Greenberg of the Advance Arkansas Institute, say Nickels is mistaken."This is not a Constitutional amendment. It's a bill that's why Rep. Nickels motion is pretty confused. It doesn't make sense as a matter of law," said Greenberg.Representative Nickels made a point of order motion on the floor objecting to the Senate's passage of the bill. Speaker Davy Carter obliged, sending the bill to the House Rules committee for consideration.

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