Voting Questions in Lee County

People are registering to vote multiple times in Lee County. And officials want to know why.

A citizen can get some assistance when registering to vote, but they have to sign their own name on the application.

Election Day is still eleven days away and already there is trouble brewing in Marianna.

Lillie Palmer's granddaughter is a sophomore at Arkansas State University. She is excited to vote in her first presidential electionbut not so excited that she would register to vote three times.

"I don't know what is going on but it's not right to put somebody's name on theyou knowto vote," says Palmer. "It's not the right thing to do."

We showed Palmer three voter registration applications, each one supposedly filled out by Dapheontay Davis.

Palmer says only one bears her granddaughter's signature. The others were filled out and signed by someone else.

"She don't know nothing about it," says Palmer. "She just filled out one of them she said. But the other twoshe don't know nothing about."

"Does it appear to be fraud to you?"

"Yes," says Palmer. "It is. Because the signatures don't even match."

"The signatures don't match."

"They don't match, no," agrees Palmer.

"One of these applications could truly be this lady trying to register to vote," says Katie Story, election coordinator for Lee County. "Which I think is wonderful. But the other two is somebody else. It really is. And that is what people have got to realize. This is not about the voter not voting. This is aboutthere is fraudin this."

Story says two of Ms. Davis' voter registrations were submitted at Marianna's DHS officeincluding the correct one.

Story doesn't know who submitted the other two applications.

"To say who is exactly behind it would be a stretch," says Davis. "But there are people behind it. There are people behind it. And absolutely everyone has the right to vote and I want everyone to vote. But let's just do it fair. You know, I mean, for one person to register to vote three times within a matter of two months"

We have reviewed two cases involving multiple applications and questionable signatures.

Story says there are many, many more.

The student in this story apparently had no idea multiple applications had been submitted in her name. Could this impact her right to vote?

Story says nothat if a person registers to vote, even more than once, and proper ID is provided on election day that he or she will be allowed to vote.

Air date: October 26th, 2012