Walker Subordinate Points Finger

Despite his statements to the contrary, a member of Bill Walker's hiring team tells legislators that the Dept. of Career Education Director told him to recommend a less-qualified candidate for a job.

It is another development in a case that KATV first told you about in June.

Bill Walker was asked to attend the legislative meeting today but did notso we don't know how he feels about comments made by his Chief of Field Servicescomments that contradict Walker's version of events.

Carl Daughtery was asked directly why he recommended an under-qualified candidate for a sign language interpreter job when other, more qualified candidates were available.

Daughtery told a legislative committee that his boss, Career Education Director Bill Walker, told him to make the recommendationsaying it was the best decision for the agency and that it was the direction the agency was going.

Arkansas' deaf community got hot about the situation when it became clear that the sign language interpreter hired to help deaf clients go on job interviews and enter the work force could not do the job.

After initially and continually saying he had nothing to do with the hire, Director Walker eventually admitted the sign language interpreter hire was a mistake and she was transferred to another joba job with the same salary and a job that was not advertised.

The job description or requirements that allowed the hire to happen have been raisedleaving some legislators wondering what else they can do.

The Personnel Committee chair, Representative Bryan King, believes there is plenty more to do.

King intends to ask that other questionable hires made under Director Walker's tenure be reviewed.

Legislators were given a copy of this report on Monday. They want to take some time to review it and then decide what, if anything, to do with it.

And Director Walker will be invited again to the next meeting to answer questions some legislators still have about this hire and his involvement.

Air date: Sept. 17th, 2012