Wanted Man

BEEBE (KATV) - It may be a first for Faulkner County...or any county: prosecuting a man for stealing a mobile home. On May 7th Jason Curtsinger appeared in Grant County to face charges that he stole a mobile home. The next day, the same charge was filed in Faulkner County. One month ago Peggie Ann Spires told us how she had just discovered that the mobile home she was buying...was stolen. "Until I get to the point that I have to have care by my children...I don't want to live with them," Spires told us on April 22nd. "I want to live home. And this is home. And in two weeks I'm not going to have a home." Vanderbilt Mortgage did take back their stolen trailer. Peggie Ann has since found a 30 year-old fixer-upper mobile home to take it's place. She says dealing with Jason Curtsinger has cost her over $4,000.00. Far from Peggie Ann's tears and her trailer, the Beebe home where Jason Curtsinger was living sits unoccupied. It has been emptied out over the past two weeks and was put on the market about a week ago. Asking price? $370,000.00. Hopefully a closing date won't conflict with future court dates as there is a new warrant for Jason Curtsinger's arrest out of Faulkner County. "Investigators have been out looking for him," says Lt. Matt Rice with the Faulkner County Sheriffs Dept. "I'm sure that they have been know, he doesn't live in our county. So I'm sure that they have put the word out to other counties to be able to pick him up." There were three dogs at the Curtsinger home. Somebody is feeding them so it is possible Curtsinger isn't too far from home. If you know where Jason Curtsinger is, please call the Faulkner County Sheriffs Department. Air date: May 22nd, 2014