War Memorial parking for disabled comes at price

Game two of Razorback football season is just two days away, with this one coming in Little Rock One concern at any sporting event is parking.

In this instance, charging a fee for accessible parking to people with disabilities.

For Fayetteville games there is a designated area where fans with a accessible parking sign may park for free. However, at War Memorial Stadium there's a charge.

A parking lot at the Arkansas State Health Department serves as spaces for scholarship and disability parking on Razorback game days.

"If you just got a handicapped tag we do charge for the parking," said Charlie Staggs

The charge comes to $20 per vehicle, but only for those with a disability pass

Staggs said there are around round 200 to 250 parking spaces that the state department lets the stadium use for free.

Staggs said he doesn't know when it started making people pay.

"We've always done it. We just didn't start charging. We've always charged anybody that does not have a scholarship, we charge them for parking."

Thursday we visited the Disability Rights Center of Arkansas to see if charging people with disabilities seems like the right thing to do.

"They can charge people with disabilities for parking in accessible parking as well as they will charge anybody else," said Barry Vuletich with the organization.

To park in many of the spots within walking distance of the stadium, you must be a high-level donor, but even with a disability of his own, Vuletich told me if you let everyone park for free it could cause a different issue.

"The problem there is we already have a big abuse of these accessible spots," he added. "People that are either abusing the placards or plate, and if you give an extra incentive by free parking I think that would increase the abuse."

All the revenue from those parking spots goes directly to War Memorial Stadium.