Elderly couple attacked in restaurant

At the request of the elderly couple's{}family we have taken down the video of the attack.

LITTLE ROCK (KATV)-An elderly couple was attacked at a restaurant when they asked a woman to refrain from cursing while talking on a cell phone, according to police.

The incident happened at Cuisine of China on Geyer Springs road. In the police report, Don Francis, 74 and his wife Bettye Francis, 69, say they were attacked by Joecelyn Thornton, 33, after Francis asked her to stop cursing.

In the surveillance video, a woman can be seen walking over to a table and pushing Francis. His wife intervenes and that's when Thornton allegedly attacks her, pushing her into a table and punching her face, according to the report.

Thornton is being charged with 2nd degree battery, a class D felony, and 2nd degree assault, a class B misdemeanor.