Watch thieves steal 21 guns in less than 40 seconds

(KATV)-A pair of robbers broke into a White Hall hunting store and stole 21 guns in less than 40 seconds, according to police.Surveillance video shows the suspects break into Hunters Refuge and head straight for a case of black pistols. White Hall Asst. Police Chief Paul Brown says they're seeing a rise in well planned crimes.

"What we call "smash and grab" type burglaries are getting more common. Especially in this area, there have been several in the past few weeks in the Pine Bluff and Jefferson County area. Suspects will usually break a window to gain entry to the business and they're just in and out in a matter of seconds," Brown said.

The business owners said they don't recognize the people on camera and they are not former employees. Authorities say there's a certain type of market for the guns that were stolen.

"They'll hit the streets and there's no telling where there at now, and that's why we're asking for the public's help trying to get these things back where they belong," Brown said.