Wedding Picture Problem


The speed and excitement of a wedding day can make it pass in a blur for the bride and groom.

That is why wedding photographs are so essential... and why problems with wedding photographs can become so emotional.

One White County woman is ready to share her concerns.

Amanda Jones of Beebe has been waiting months for her wedding photos.

She is growing more and more concerned that a handful of smart phone pics taken by guests will be all she'll have to remember her big day.

More than four months after her wedding, Jones still only has a handful of smart phone pictures taken by guests to remember her big day.

Her contract states that four to six weeks after her wedding her digital images would be edited and ready for her to use.

"At ten weeks she finally told me that she was ready," recalls Jones. "That they were done...ready to be sent. And after that we planned to meet numerous times and she kept, just, blowing me off."

Jones has no idea what is going on.

She paid her photographer in full. She worries maybe the pictures didn't turn out. Maybe they have been deleted or lost. Maybe they haven't been edited.

She does know that the photographer she hired has plenty of excuses and is becoming harder to reach.

"Calling," Jones says regarding what she has been doing to reach her photographer. "Lots of messages on her phone. Facebook messages. Text messages. And I never get a reply. The last time I saw her was at Beebe Walmart and she promised she would get them to me the next day. And I've never heard from her again. It was my wedding day. The most important day of my life. I would love to have memories. I would love to keep these...keep these pictures for the rest of my life. I would love to show my children one day."

Like Jones, we were unable to reach her photographer.

But we did reach the photographer's parents.

Late this afternoon Jones received her wedding photos and by the end of the day she should have her reception photos too.

If she doesn't get them, we will tell you more about the photographer she hired next week.

Air date: September 6th, 2013

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