West Pulaski tornado victims ask for help

More than a month after the tornado ripped through central Arkansas, one neighborhood says it's like the storm hit yesterday. Residents on a private road in West Pulaski County say that the debris piles haven't gotten any smaller, and they're asking for help Angie Rhodes lives on Deer Drive. One of the first places the tornado ripped through. She says she's blessed to live under the same roof she did last month, because for most on her street, their homes are still in piles "It's like the tornado every day, you can't get away from the tornado", said Rhodes. Rhodes believes that there is a sad difference from being a tornado victim in Faulkner County versus in Pulaski. Because Deer Drive is a private road, dumpsters aren't allowed near any of the homes. Rhodes says one of the main needs for West Pulaski County is dump trucks to help load their debris to the end of their street. On Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. residents of Deer Drive are asking for volunteers and dump trucks to help make her street look more like the Arkansas it used to. "We're just going to take our trailers tomorrow and start loading it by hand" Said Rhodes. "Then haul the trailers down there, and unload it by hand and just go do it again until all the piles are gone." Rhodes has faith, the help will come. "No matter where you live or what county you live in, Arkansans are going to help Arkansans."