What goes into the Pops on the River Firework show

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - As the Fourth of July comes to an end, the preparation for next year's Pops on the River firework show has already started for one pyrotechnic. "You can vision fireworks as an artist painting the sky", said Ricky Weaver of Air Magic Fireworks. Weaver considers himself an artist, the tubes he fills with artery shells are his paint brush. He's responsible for setting off over 300 fireworks for a 20 minute show synched with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. Weaver's job isn't the safest either; the shirt he wore on Friday had holes in it from the extravagant Riverfest firework show he organized. "If you're in this area, I can almost guarantee their will be burning paper the whole time", said Weaver. All of the fireworks used for Pops on the River are imported from China; some are 40 dollars piece with a fuse that burns at 90 feet a second. The Pop's on the River firework show went on later than expected and lasted about 20 minutes. Weaver estimates the cost of all the fireworks is around 20 thousand dollars.