When Caregivers Stop Caring

Why would an elderly man buy a car for a pair of caregivers who aren't family, friends or even neighbors?

Seven-On-Your-Side traveled to eastern Arkansas in search of an answer.

And in shorthe wouldn't.

And H.O. Camp says more than thathe didn't.

But guess who is driving a red Pontiac Grand Am paid for by Mr. Camp?

When tell you in a moment. But first we visited Searcy.

At least when Holdridge Camp fought in World War II he clearly knew who the enemy was.

Now he says those who say they want to help him may just as likely want to rip him off.

"I know for a fact that they're bad people," says Camp. "They're professional thievesand they stole from me."

They are Gary and LaPasha Harper.

They at one time served as caregivers for Mr. Camp.

He says LaPasha talked him into buying a used car.

"She was just going to use the little car when I had an appointment in Little Rock," recalls Camp. "The other times it was gonna sit in my yard like my truck out there."

We found the car not in Mr. Camp's Searcy driveway but just off Main Street in Brinkley in the driveway of the Harpers.

They didn't come to the door but they did tell us through the window that they have all the paperwork showing the car is theirswhich is technically true.

But they didn't pay for it.

Mr. Camp did.

"They took advantage of mebecause I'm legally blind," says Mr. Camp.

This matter went to small claims court and the Harpers got to keep the car because right after Mr. Camp signed the check to pay for it he says LaPasha Harper gathered up all the paperworkwith her signatures and name on itand left.

Mr. Camp hasn't seen her since.

Air date: January 18th, 2013