Which NFL team has the most loyal fanbase?

      Football season is upon usand which NFL fans are the best? Cowboys fans, of course.

      Studentsin Emory University's sports marketing analytics program in Atlanta completed astudy to find the most "loyal and supportive" fanbases. The studyfactored in a teams win-loss record, area population and median income amongothers to see which teams' fans show up no matter what.

      Check out the top 15:

      1. Dallas Cowboys

      2. New EnglandPatriots

      3. New York Jets

      4. New Orleans Saints

      5. New York Giants

      6. Indianapolis Colts

      7. Chicago Bears

      8. Baltimore Ravens

      9. PittsburghSteelers

      10. Tennessee Titans

      11. San DiegoChargers

      12. Denver Broncos

      13. WashingtonRedskins

      14. Green Bay Packers

      15. Carolina Panthers

      You can see the full list, click here.