PCSSD: Failed to Report a Sexual Assault Case

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Failing to report an alleged sexual assault involving two students, that's what Pulaski County Special School officials are accused of.

The alleged assault involved two students attending Robinson Middle School.

No police reports were filed by the school.

It was only after a children's hospital social worker notified police that this became an investigation.

A student says earlier this month she was sexually assaulted by her former boyfriend on the Robinson Middle School's running track.

The victim's report states she told a friend and the friend told the school.

"All of us who work for the school district are what we call mandated reporters, which means if there is an incident of sexual natures involves students or children, we're mandated to report that, there's a number we need to call, in this case, that didn't happen," said Deb Roush, PCSSD Spokesperson.

According to the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office report, the victim was interviewed by the school, but no report was made with the sheriff's office or the state police hotline.

"We have an investigation going on right now, to determine why things didn't happen like they should have happened," added Roush.

Roush tells Channel 7, because it involves both students and adults, she's limited to comment on this on-going investigation, but she did say they will get to the bottom of this.

"Collecting statements, finding out what happened when and who and who said what when and how communication was handed down the line, and we're taking a very careful look at it," said Roush.

It was a therapist from the Col. Glenn Youth Home that brought in the victim in reference to the sexual assault.

It was only then that the children's hospital social worker reported the alleged incident.

For now, school officials remain tight lipped until all investigations are included.

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