Wife, 56, charged with capital murder in husband's death

SALINE COUNTY (KATV) - Before a married couple headed to work Monday morning, Saline County deputies received a startling call that the wife accidentally shot, and killed her husband.

Laura Eubanks, 56, is in jail facing a capital murder charge for the death of her husband, 55-year-old Mike Eubanks.

Police believe they have enough evidence to charge her with capital murder, but neighbors told Channel 7 a different story Tuesday.

Deputies were called to Mabelvale area of Saline County residence for an accidental shooting, where inside they found Mr. Eubanks suffering from a gunshot wound. A injury that would result in his death.

Investigators then turned their attention to his wife, who claimed a gun in her possession unintentionally went off.

"During the course of our investigation that's when we believed at that time that it was not an accidental shooting," said Lieutenant Mike Frost with the criminal investigation division. "That's when Mrs. Eubanks was then taken to the Saline County Sheriff's office."

Even though authorities told us they have enough evidence to show this was no accident, neighbors said the couple would never do anything maliciously to one another, especially nothing that would grant a capital murder charge.

We attempted to speak with the Eubanks' family, but they declined to talk. A neighbor, who has known the family for much of her life, said the two recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. She also told me there's no way this could've been intentional, knowing the twos close relationship.

"I can't comment on what brought us to making that booking decision, but we worked with the prosecutor's office on that going through the statutes," Frost added about the charge.

"We felt due to our investigation that it did warrant the capital murder booking."

Laura Eubanks is currently being held without bond, but she'll face her initial arraignment at the Saline County Courthouse Wednesday at 11 am.

In addition, the Saline County Sheriff's Department told Channel 7 this homicide marks the fifth of the year here in the area it serves, marking a new record for an entire year to begin May.