Wife of 29-Year State Police Veteran Charged with Murder

(KATV)-The wife of a former Arkansas State Police lieutenant and the current Chief Rangerof the Arkansas Department of Parks appeared in court today charged with firstdegree murder. A judge ordered $300,000 dollar bond for 55 year-old PamelaDigman, who is accused of killing her husband Jerry Digman. Her attorney saysshe acted in self defense.

The police report shows Digmancalled police saying she had shot her husband multiple times after analtercation.

Her mug shot shows redmarks on her neck, but it isn't clear if that was caused from the incident.

The Arkansas Department ofParks says they were shocked to hear that Digman was shot and killed Sundaymorning.

"It's a real tragedy. It'slike a nightmare you don't wake up from," said Richard Davies, executivedirector of Parks and Tourism.

Digman was recently hiredin July to oversee Arkansas' Park Rangers. He had previously served as a lieutenantfor 29 years with the Arkansas State Police.

"He was a great teacherand mentor due to his vast knowledge in law enforcement training," said StateParks Director Greg Butts.

The Arkansas State Policereleased a statement from Colonel Stan Witt offering condolences.

"Anyone who has worn the badge of the Arkansas StatePolice, both past and present, is saddened by the loss of Jerry Digman whoexhibited a lifelong passion to serve his fellow man as a trusted lawenforcement officer," Witt said.

Digman was one of 38 State Troopers in the department'shistory to be recognized as Trooper of the Year.

"Arkansas has lost a friend and a ready law enforcementofficer in the death of Jerry Digman. His friendship and service as a lawenforcement officer will be missed by the State Police and the Arkansas StateParks Service," Witt said.

A document of Digman'sretirement shows he kept his police guns after retirement, but it isn't clearif one of those weapons was involved in the shooting.

Today in court, Digman'sdefender said investigators originally told Digman they believed it was selfdefense, then charged her with first degree murder.

"Well you know obviously that's an aspect thatour investigators looked at. And it's not to say that 100 percent of the storyis actually out there right now. But based on her statements she made toinvestigators and the physical evidence at the scene. They felt there was adetermination there to go ahead and make the charge," said Lt. Carl Minden ofthe Pulaski County Sheriff's office.

Channel 7 News reached outto Pamela Digman's family and her attorney for comment but did not hear back.