Wife speaks out about husband's murder

HOUSTON, Ark. (KATV) - A popular local mechanic was murdered in his own bed in the small Perry County town of Houston.

Investigators haven't released much information about the case but Carl Dixon's widow, Mary, was inside the home during the violence. She said she is devastated for two reasons: her husband is gone and she believes she's been treated like a suspect.

According to Dixon, she was sleeping in her computer room Sunday night when someone broke in and murdered her husband. She said she heard a loud bang, immediately woke up and walked into the hallway. There, she saw the gunman and chased him for a few steps before running into the bedroom, where she found her husband.

"I started screaming when I went out of the office," Mary said, "and I went in my office and slammed the door -- and I just went to pieces."

Mary described the past few days as a nightmare - especially because, she claims, police have accused her of committing the crime.

"[They said,] 'You're the only person that was in the house. No one else was in the house with you.' And I explained that, yes, there was somebody in the house, 'cause I saw him leaving."

She said things became even more stressful when investigators told her she failed a lie detector test. She said she's not sure if she actually failed the test or if the officers were trying to scare her.

"If I had done it and they really, truly believed I'd done it, they wouldn't have let me go home....I did not do this. I love my husband. We've worked hard to have what we have. He's a wonderful person."

Channel 7 News wants to stress that police have not listed anyone as a suspect and Mary said she did not get a good enough look at the gunman to identify him.