Wild, outdoor adventures for kids with special needs

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Kids with special needs got to experience a wild, outdoor adventure thanks to the inaugural aWILDSado event.

A paintball range, archery range, BB gun range, and a fishing hole were among the activities kids were able to participate in with the help of a volunteer at the Blue Rock Shooting Club in North Little Rock.

"This is a great event that is going to give kids who sometimes may not have a chance to get out in the wild and do these things," said organizer Mike Rohrer. "Here's a chance for them to shoot a BB gun and shoot at a 3D target that actually looks like they're shooting at a deer or a turkey. Get out in the wild and experience the outdoors in a contained environment."

More than 100 people attended this first event. Thanks to numerous volunteers, the 25 kids were able to be helped by at least three or four volunteers per kid.

If you're interested in participating, volunteering or helping sponsor the next event, call (501) 920-3120.

"Where can you see so many people who never have had a chance to do this before?" said Rohrer. "You see the look on their face when they catch a fish or they're shooting a target. It's just absolutely fantastic."