Will the real Jim Smith please stand up?

Shakespeare once asked, "what's in a name?" Well, members of one international society say it means everything.

They are banded together by the same plain moniker. And the club recently made a visit to Arkansas.

On the surface. Members of this not so secret society don't have a lot in common. They're from all over the country, with all kinds of backgrounds, but they all have the same two words on their birth certificates.

That's right, every single one of them is named Jim Smith.

"It's kind of crazy...but it's kind of awesome though," said Jim Smith.

They call themselves the Jim Smith Society. The members tell us Will, Shepard, and Tommy are okay but Jim Smiths are the coolest.

"So you want to see what these other Jim Smiths look like. It's any race, color, creed... doesn't make any difference. It's just you're Jim Smith," said Jim Smith from Budd Lake, New Jersey.

"I never met a Jim Smith I didn't like."

About 20 Jims attended this year's Jim Smith Society fun fest in Arkansas. But the truth is this is just a tiny Jim Smith drop in a larger Jim Smith bucket. The society has members in every state and several foreign countries.

There are nearly 2,000 members. The only way to join is to be named Jim Smith or be lucky enough to marry one.

The Jim Smith society members tell us their club is all about having fun but in the end their connection goes far deeper than just a plain name.

But if you want to join this family and your not named Jim smith or married to one, remember you do have one option...

"Change your name to Jim Smith."