Winning bidder takes over as ASU head coach for the day

JONESBORO (KATV) -- A 25-year-old Californiaman shelled out the cash to make his dream of coaching a college football teamcome true.

It was a fun-filled dayin Jonesboro for Nick Bhardwaj, who has zero coaching experience, but he'll getplenty of that in Friday night's spring game.

"Want to bring upyour new head coach, Nick Bhardwaj," said Arkansas State Athletic DirectorTerry Mohajir, kicking off a press conference Friday.

With that, the 24-hourcontract was officially in place for the online auction winner Bhardwaj, whopaid $11,700 to be the head of the pack in the spring game.

"The truth was I wasjust a fan of the sport, a fan of the game, and just happy to be a part of thisopportunity," Bhardwaj said Friday.

It was an opportunitythat included a limo ride shortly after Friday's press conference, and anin-depth film session with offensive coordinator Walt Bell. Bhardwaj will needthat expertise on the playbook since he'll be calling plays for the Black Teamat ASU's spring scrimmage.

As if naming someone whohad never step foot in Arkansas as its head football coach wasn't a big enoughsurprise, the university brought out another one Friday when it said thatformer head coach, Larry Lacewell, would be on the opposite sidelines coachingFriday.

"Terry kept this abig secret that I was going to coach because he didn't want the crowd to get sobig, or he was scared that when everybody finds out I'm going to coach againthat nobody's coming," Lacewell, who has the record for most wins at ASU,laughed.