Witnesses: Man chases, hits boy with car after wallet is stolen

(KATV) Little Rock - "When I got here, the man was beating up little man. He pulled him out from under the vehicle and started whopping him." A witness describes what he saw after a Little Rock teenager was hit and killed by a van. He was riding his bicycle and reportedly chased by the driver.

It happened at about 11:30 Thursday morning. The chase ended at the intersection of Asher and 27th street.

We have received an outpouring of condolences on the KATV Facebook page for the family of 14-year old Michael Stanley. Police are investigating the claim that the teen stole 58-year-old Michael Sadler's wallet, prompting the chase.

A boy on a bike, versus a man driving a van.

Witness, Dewayne Turner says, "He didn't run him over, he mowed him over with the van."

This neighborhood on Asher is where everything unraveled. Where people are hysterical over what they saw.

Turner adds, "When the ambulance leaves without the sirens on, it's pretty much over."

Channel Seven has confirmed that at about 11:30 a.m. Little Rock Police responded to a call from Code Enforcement officers who say they witnessed some of the dispute that started at the Asher One Stop gas station.

Michael Sadler, alleges that 14-year old Michael Stanley stole his wallet. "And that young man then jumped on his bicycle went back around the business and the van followed him," Sgt. Cassandra Davis adds.

After about a block, Stanley attempted to ride through a grassy area, but you can see here, the van followed. The teen sustained life threatening injuries from impact, but what happened next to the dying teen is difficult to hear. "He ran over him than pulled him out from under the van and started beating him up and chocking him. That's what I saw." Turner continues, "He is well loved; you know kids are going to be kids. He was being mischievous."

Sadler has been charged with first degree murder. The Code Enforcement officers and other witnesses are being questioned about what they saw.

The boy died at Children's Hospital, where family rushed to his side.

Police are adamant; never try to take the law into your own hands.