West Little Rock burglary scheme starts with knock at the door

WEST LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A team of attempted burglars have come up with a clever way to break into homes in West Little Rock neighborhoods and it all starts with a knock at the door.

The bizarre scheme is making some residents keep a closer eye on unfamiliar faces.

It's a knock at the door this unwelcome guest hopes you don't answer. The guest, residents say, is a woman seen on a homeowner's surveillance video simply walking her dog. But that's not the problem.

A 16-year-old boy, home alone last week, called police and told them that shortly after she knocked on his door with no answer, three men ran to the back of the house and broke a window in an attempt to get in. He shattered a plate over one suspect's head. Seconds later you can see them running to a van and driving off.

Neighbors Channel 7 spoke to said the break-in has them on edge.

"Scared half to death," said Biz Northup, a homeowner in Woodlands Edge.

For residents here being on the look out once meant keeping an eye out for a lost pet. But now they're teaming up to find this unknown woman and a dark-colored van a young boy also spotted that day.

"The people inside the van had made some funny faces to him and he told his mom about it because he thought that that was kind of strange," said Northup. "Whenever a car comes in that we don't recognize, I mean, all eyes are on the vehicle."

But neighbors say instead of shutting each other out, they're opening doors to communication to try and catch these people before it's too late.

"We're all watching and If something out of the ordinary happens then there's immediate communication that goes out to people," said Northup.

But there is another important message Northup wants others to keep in mind.

"People really need to be more cognizant of what's happening in their neighborhoods," she said.

Little Rock Police still don't have a suspect in this case but are asking those in the neighborhoods to jot down the license plate numbers if they spot this van.