Woman arrested for spitting at ex-cop charged in teen's death

LITTLE ROCK - The relative of a slain teenager was arrested Thursday morning after spitting at the man charged with his death.

Shortly after Josh Hastings pled not guilty to manslaughter inside the Pulaski County Courthouse, Starkeshia Perkins spat at him in the hallway and in front of Pulaski County Sheriff's Deputies.

Perkins is the first cousin of Bobby Moore, the 15-year-old killed by Hastings on August 12. Moore was in a vehicle that Hastings said was coming right at him. A police investigation determined the car was in reverse.

Police say Hastings was responding to a report that Moore and two other juveniles were allegedly breaking into cars at a West Little Rock apartment complex.

On Thursday, Moore's family repeatedly yelled obscenities at the ex-Little Rock police officer after he entered his plea.

Then things hit a climax outside the courtroom when Moore's first cousin apparently spat directly at Hastings.

Officers were forced to clear the hall and later Perkins was arrested on assault and disorderly conduct charges, although it was unclear if she actually hit her intended target.

"I was trying to spit on Josh Hastings but I spit on my cousin, Dezzaray," said Perkins as she was escorted into a Pulaski County Sheriff's vehicle.

The 27-year-old is now banned from Hastings' trial on June 18.

"You understand the family's upset," said Bill James, Hastings' attorney, "but I think ultimately when this case gets to trial people are going to see it for what it is and [Hastings] acted reasonably under the circumstances."

For Moore's family, nothing since August has been reasonable.

"We was hoping that he would plead guilty and not take us through all the trouble and it didn't turn out that way," said Dezzaray Perkins, Moore's sister.

Now it's more trouble for the grieving family as they say today was another case of authorities overreacting.

"The time one of us reacts or say anything they want to haul us off to jail," said Perkins.

As of Thursday afternoon, Starkeshia Perkins remained in jail on $600 bond.