Woman calls 911, hides in closet while intruders search home

Jake Lane, 19

A Hot Springs woman inside her home while thieves are trying to break-in, tells Channel 7 the only thing she knew to do next when she heard the racket.

It all started when Debra Mullins said her doorbell rang. She noticed a teenager standing at her front door, and thought he might be trying to sell something so she opted not to answer.

Just a couple of minutes later Mullins realized someone was rattling her downstairs door, that's when she called 911.

"I don't know if I heard the sliding door, I just heard footsteps in the house so I knew they were in the house," she said.

It was through an unlocked sliding door that the two accused teens walked into her home, most likely thinking no one was inside.

That's when Mullins made a run to her bathroom closet and hid while she called 911.

"So I told them 'Look they're in the house, they're in the house, I'm hiding in the closet,' you know?"

While in this closet she could continue to hear their footsteps in her home, growing closer and closer, until they reached the bathroom door where she was hiding.

"At one point I said 'They're getting too close.'"

"I just got really, they're getting too close and I couldn't say anything more. I could hear him come through the bathroom and into the doorway of the bathroom which was like three-feet away from me."

One of the teenagers arrested outside the home was 19-year-old Jake Lane, while the 14-year-old boy's name isn't released because he is a minor.

Mullins was just glad she managed to keep her composure and stay quiet while they were in her home.

"You know they didn't have to make a decision on what to do. If they saw me and didn't want to get caught, or who knows if got scared, overreacted did they have any weapons? I don't know."

All the teens were able to leave the home with was a laptop, iPod, and a couple of bottles of alcohol, according to the police report and Mullins.

No weapons were found on either of the teens.

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