Woman cited after vehicle plows through front of tennis shop

LITTLE ROCK - The 36-year-old woman whoplowed through a business on Cantrell Wednesday has been cited with carelessand prohibitive driving, no insurance and driving on a suspended license. CarlethaBunting told police she was trying to park, but hit the gas pedal. One personin The Tennis Shoppe was seriously injured.

Sophia Pucek suffered abroken leg. Co-workers say her surgery went well Thursday. Sophia has been withThe Tennis Shoppe for nearly 25-years.

Prior to the accident, thedriver, her elementary aged son and the 13 year old female passenger went toeach shop asking for donations for a football team.

A day after the accident,the store is open. Employees are painstakingly looking through merchandise andthrowing out anything with shards of glass.

The driver hit a parkedcar before going air-born. The force of the impact sent glass, even inventoryfrom the front display, to the back wall.

Manager, Harry Huchingsontold Channel Seven, he is "thankful". He says Sophia was sitting by the windowcataloging. Harry says she saw the speeding car, jumped up and took about threesteps that saved her life.

Kelli Marks owns Sweet Love,a bakery four doors down. Kelli says she heard tires screech, followed by aloud crash. "Something like this actually happened about a year and a halfago. A car came through the building and hit Hollywood Feed. It shook the wholeshopping center. Wednesday, I think I distinctly said, 'Oh my gosh, not again'."

Kelli and others helpingrecognized the family. They reportedly solicit at the shopping center every fewmonths. "According to the little boy, their car potentially has beenmalfunctioning and his words were, 'sometimes the car goes when it is notsuppose to'."

The engine still revving,everyone in the car walked away. Sofia was injured, screaming and buried underdebris. Kelli adds, "If she didn't try to run, it is highly likely she couldhave been killed."

Business owners wantpolice to look into the organization the family is raising money for. Bunting,the driver could face charges.