UPDATE: Woman escapes custody in Garland County

(KATV) GarlandCounty authorities are looking for Mandy Rose Cavanaugh, of Hot Springs.

Deputiessay she escaped from custody Tuesday at about 4 p.m. when being escorted withother inmates. They were at the Garland County Circuit Court building. Deputy Scott Hinojosa saysshe was placed in cuffs by a circuit court bailiff for Contemptof Court.

The25-year-old reportedly got out of the handcuffs and ran to a waiting black Chevytruck. Witnesses say she jumped into the bed of the truck and the driver leftthe scene.

Deputy Hinojosa says the driver has been identified as Cavanaugh'shusband, Sean Michael Dickson, 32.

The Arkansas License plate is 334 SFC. Deputy Hinojosa says."Our investigators are working the case and are following up on leads at thistime. That is all we have to release at this time and we will update you shouldany new developments arise."

Ifyou have any information, call 911 or the Garland County Sheriff's Departmentat (501) 622-3660.