Woman facing manslaughter charge after dog attack

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE (KATV)--Manslaughter, harboring a vicious animal and unlawful dog attack charges have been filed against two women linked to a fatal dog attack.

An attack that rocked the Hot Springs Village community after Joan Kappen, 75, was brutally murdered by a bullmastiff.

We first reported this back on November 21, 2013.

The victim's husband wasn't sure if charges could be filed against the dog owner because Hot Springs Village doesn't have an ordinance relating to vicious animals.

However, today a small sigh of relief as Kappen's husband says there is justice after all.

Kappen took her last walk down Ornado Lane that November day before being mauled by a bullmastiff owned by the Coy family.

Now, arrest warrants have been filed for Emily Coy for violating a Saline County Ordinance, harboring a vicious animal.

Brande Coy with manslaughter, unlawful dog attack, along with harboring a vicious animal.

"Manslaughter carries with it a burden of recklessness, and the warrant and the affidavit spelled out actions that we think fit the charges," said Saline County Prosecuting Attorney, Ken Casady.

Casady couldn't go into details on the case, but did say Circuit Judge, Bobby McCallister, found probable cause on both warrants.

"The charges of manslaughter are serious charges, and our offices has been in contact with the defendants attorney and they have agreed to turn themselves in on Monday," added Casady.

If all goes as planned and the Coys turn themselves into the Saline County Jail on Monday, they'll go before a judge for a bond hearing that morning.

Casady added, from what he remembers this is the first fatal dog attack with manslaughter charges filed in Saline County.

**Kappen's husband, Hans, could not speak to Channel 7 on camera because his attorney advised him no to.