Family Pleads for Daughters Safe Return

(KATV) A Little Rock family desperate for answers after their daughter, a UALR student disappears. She's been missing since the morning of Wednesday, October 12.

Little Rock Police found the 20-year old student's car near campus and don't have any leads as to her whereabouts.

Police have conducted interviews and they're looking through surveillance video, so far they're coming up empty-handed and they don't have suspects.

Every morning 20-year old Patricia Guardado's routine is to park in this student lot across from campus. She parked here Wednesday before 9 a.m., but friends say she missed all her classes and hasn't answered her phone. Her mom Maria Garcia is anxious to hear her voice.

Patricia was born in Arkansas; she's been at UALR for 2-years and plans to study business.

Garcia says, "She's a good person, smart, responsible and she has never disappeared like this."

Garcia says they talk several times a day and when she didn't call after school she knew immediately something was wrong. Patricia also didn't show up to work at a North Little Rock bank, her mom continues, "She also didn't show up to babysit her siblings and cousins like she always does."

Patricia's cell phone is off. Garcia has spent hours walking around the UALR campus and made flyers Thursday to put up across town. She pleads, "Whoever has her or wherever she is, I want to hear her voice and know she is alive."

The pain of not knowing is taking a toll on the family.

The investigation is a joint effort with UALR PD and Little Rock Police.

Police have not ruled out foul play. They have Patricia's car and they're looking through it for evidence.

Her family says she had a $550 check with her to pay tuition.

If you have any information, contact the LRPD Detective Division at (501) 371-4660.

Guardado is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 120 pounds. She has dark brown hair and dark eyes.