Woman stabbed to death in North Little Rock

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - When Mary Jackson saw police lights through her North Little Rock window Monday night, her stomach immediately dropped.

The home police had surrounded was the very place her friend Jada Young and Young's former boyfriend Johnny Davis had headed just 20 minutes earlier.

"I told my husband, I said, 'God, I hope it ain't Jada,' and it was Jada all the time," said Jackson.

The reason behind Jackson's reaction of fear was Young's troubled history with Davis. He had already been convicted of attacking her once before and was on probation.

"I don't even know why she even wanted to see him again. I never would have wanted to see him again. He ain't worth it," said Jackson.

The two left Jackson's house to visit Jada's former employer and friend, Mr. Walker, an elderly man who lived down the street.

"She seen to him a lot of times because he's up in age, and she came over a lot of times to cook, assist, whatever she could do. She was one of those types of people," explained Jackson.

According to Walker, the couple was watching a movie when Davis decided it was time to leave. When Young refused, Davis allegedly began stabbing her inside Walker's home and then out on the street.

"When officers arrived, they did find a black female victim laying in the front yard with multiple stab wounds," said Sgt. Brian Dedrick.

Police found Davis blocks away from the crime scene.

"We did notice that he had some blood on his shirt. He was transported to the detective division and after giving a statement, he was charged with murder one," said Sgt. Dedrick.

"He needs the [electric] chair because it's just so wrong. She didn't deserve that," said Jackson.

Jackson said the entire neighborhood is still in disbelief that something this horrible could happen just before the holidays.

"It's tragic. She didn't even live to see Christmas."